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SEC Filings

MACERICH CO filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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investment decisions of this type that the Grantee (I) is capable of evaluating the merits and risks of an investment in the Partnership and potential investment in the Company and of making an informed investment decision, (II) is capable of protecting his own interest or has engaged representatives or advisors to assist him in protecting his interests, and (III) is capable of bearing the economic risk of such investment.
(ii)    The Grantee, after due inquiry, hereby certifies that for purposes of Rule 506(d) and Rule 506(e) of the Securities Act, he is not subject to any felony or misdemeanor conviction related to any securities matter; any federal or state order, judgment, decree or injunction related to any securities, insurance, banking or U.S. Postal Service matter; any SEC disciplinary or cease and desist order; or any suspension, expulsion or bar related to a registered national securities exchange, national or affiliated securities association or member thereof, whether it occurred or was issued before, on or after September 23, 2013, and agrees that he will notify the Company immediately upon becoming aware that the foregoing is not, or is no longer, complete and accurate in every material respect, including as a result of events occurring after the date hereof.
(iii)    The Grantee understands that (A) the Grantee is responsible for consulting his own tax advisors with respect to the application of the U.S. federal income tax laws, and the tax laws of any state, local or other taxing jurisdiction to which the Grantee is or by reason of the award of [2018] LTIP Units (PB) may become subject, to his particular situation; (B) the Grantee has not received or relied upon business or tax advice from the Company, the Partnership or any of their respective employees, agents, consultants or advisors, in their capacity as such; (C) the Grantee provides services to the Partnership on a regular basis and in such capacity has access to such information, and has such experience of and involvement in the business and operations of the Partnership, as the Grantee believes to be necessary and appropriate to make an informed decision to accept the award of [2018] LTIP Units (PB); and (D) an investment in the Partnership and/or the Company involves substantial risks. The Grantee has been given the opportunity to make a thorough investigation of matters relevant to the [2018] LTIP Units (PB) and has been furnished with, and has reviewed and understands, materials relating to the Partnership and the Company and their respective activities (including, but not limited to, the Background Documents). The Grantee has been afforded the opportunity to obtain any additional information (including any exhibits to the Background Documents) deemed necessary by the Grantee to verify the accuracy of information conveyed to the Grantee. The Grantee confirms that all documents, records, and books pertaining to his receipt of [2018] LTIP Units (PB) which were requested by the Grantee have been made available or delivered to the Grantee. The Grantee has had an opportunity to ask questions of and receive answers from the Partnership and the Company, or from a person or persons acting on their behalf, concerning the terms and conditions of the [2018] LTIP Units (PB). The Grantee has relied upon, and is making its decision solely upon, the Background Documents and other written information provided to the Grantee by the Partnership or the Company.
(iv)    The [2018] LTIP Units (PB) to be issued, the Common Units issuable upon conversion of the [2018] LTIP Units (PB) and any REIT Shares issued in connection