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SEC Filings

MACERICH CO filed this Form 10-K/A on 04/30/2018
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(1) Upon disability, the executive officer will generally receive up to $25,000 monthly until his return to employment.
(2) Amount reflects the vesting of service-based LTIP Units. The executive officer’s unvested service-based LTIP Units will continue to vest in accordance with the vesting schedule upon a termination without cause or if the executive officer terminates his employment for good reason.
(3) Amount represents the vesting of service-based LTIP Units.
(4) Amount represents the estimated value of continuing welfare benefits for 36 months after December 31, 2017.
(5) Amount represents the vesting of service-based LTIP Units and stock options.

Compensation Committee Interlocks and Insider Participation

Messrs. Hash and Soboroff and Ms. Stephen each served as a member of the Compensation Committee during 2017. No member of the Compensation Committee is a past or present officer or employee of our Company or had any relationship with us requiring disclosure under SEC rules requiring disclosure of certain transactions with related persons. In addition, none of our executive officers served as a director or a member of a compensation committee (or other committee serving an equivalent function) of any other entity, the executive officer of which served as a director or member of the Compensation Committee during 2017.

CEO Compensation Pay Ratio

In August 2015, pursuant to a mandate of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the “Dodd-Frank Act”), the SEC adopted a rule requiring annual disclosure of the ratio of the median employee’s annual total compensation to the total annual compensation of the CEO. We believe that executive pay should be internally consistent and equitable to motivate our employees to create stockholder value. The annual total compensation for 2017 for Mr. A. Coppola, our CEO, was $12,834,624 as reported under the heading “Summary Compensation Table.” Our median employee’s total compensation for 2017 was $75,369. As a result, we estimate that Mr. A. Coppola’s 2017 total compensation was approximately 170 times that of our median employee.

Our CEO to median employee pay ratio was calculated in accordance with Item 402(u) of Regulation S-K. We identified the median employee by examining 2017 total compensation consisting of base salary, annual bonus amounts, stock-based compensation (based on the grant date fair value of awards during 2017) and other incentive payments for all full-time, part-time, seasonal and hourly employees who were employed by the Company on December 31, 2017, other than our CEO. After identifying the median employee based on 2017 total compensation, we calculated annual total compensation for such employee using the same methodology we use for our named executive officers as set forth in the “Total” column in the Summary Compensation Table.

The pay ratio reported above is a reasonable estimate calculated in a manner consistent with SEC rules, based on our internal records and the methodology described above. The SEC rules for identifying the median compensated employee allow companies to adopt a variety of methodologies, to apply certain exclusions and to make reasonable estimates and assumptions that reflect their employee populations and compensation practices. Accordingly, the pay ratio reported by other companies may not be comparable to the pay ratio reported above, as other companies have different employee populations and compensation practices and may use different methodologies, exclusions, estimates and assumptions in calculating their own pay ratios.