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Shopping in America Survey: Shoppers Pick Hottest Holiday Gifts under the Tree

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 2, 2005-- MP3 Players, Barbie, Fashion and Entertainment Purchases Expected to Make Cash Registers Jingle

Shoppers are making their lists and checking them twice as the busy holiday shopping season begins. MP3 players, Barbie items, fashion and entertainment will be among the top sellers, according to the Shopping in America Holiday 2005 consumer survey conducted for The Macerich Company (NYSE:MAC) by August Partners. Men and women's individual wish lists will range from sports tickets, designer jeans and golf clubs to DVD/CD boxed sets, jewelry and embellished fashion.

Overall, U.S. consumers plan to spend the majority of their $655 holiday gift budgets -- up 7.8 percent from last year -- on clothing (selected by 21 percent of shoppers), toys (12 percent), electronics (12 percent), jewelry (11 percent), books/CDs (11 percent) and mall gift cards (10 percent). Shoppers will spend an additional average of $316 for parties, decorations and other seasonal purchases.

Top Electronic Gifts

"A mainstay on holiday shopping lists, the latest electronic products offer a variety of options for shoppers," explained Garry Butcher, vice president of marketing and consumer research for The Macerich Company. "The new MP3 players and game consoles will be among the most popular items this season."

Consumers surveyed named the iPod Nano (selected by 35 percent), Xbox 360 (21 percent) and Plasma TV/HDTV (14 percent) as the most popular picks in the category. Game Boy Micro (2 percent), V cam Now/Video Now XP Player and digital camera w/MP3 player came in last among shoppers.

                        Top  Electronic Gifts
                               All Shoppers      Male        Female
                               ------------- ------------ ------------
iPod Nano                                35%          27%          39%
Xbox 360                                 21%          28%          17%
Plasma TV/HDTV                           14%          14%          14%
FLY Pentop Computer (Leapfrog)            9%           9%           8%
GPS Navigation System                     6%           7%           6%
PDA Cell Phone                            3%           4%           3%
Digital Camera w/ MP3 Player              2%           1%           2%
V cam Now/Video Now XP Player             2%           2%           1%
Game Boy Micro                            2%           1%           2%
Don't Know/No Opinion                     8%           8%           8%

Hottest Toys

"Both new and innovative toys as well as updated favorites are topping the list of what shoppers predict to be hot sellers for youth this holiday," said Butcher.

Barbie & The Magic of Pegasus/Princess Annika (23 percent), Dance Maker/Dance Dance Revolution (22 percent), Teddy Ruxpin (10 percent), and the Amazing Amanda Doll (9 percent) are predicted to fill the most toy packages. The new Furby (1 percent), iZ/iDog (2 percent) and Aquadoodle Drawing Board (3 percent) were least popular among surveyed consumers.

                               Top Toys
                                                       All Shoppers
Barbie & The Magic of Pegasus/
Princess Annika                                                    23%
Dance Maker/Dance Dance Revolution                                 22%
Teddy Ruxpin                                                       10%
Amazing Amanda Doll                                                 9%
Star Wars Items                                                     7%
Bratz Items                                                         5%
Aquadoodle Drawing Board                                            3%
iZ/iDog                                                             2%
Furby                                                               1%
Don't Know/No Opinion                                              19%

What Men Want: Top Gifts

Both shoppers as a whole (22 percent) and men themselves (20 percent) gave the nod to sports tickets as the best holiday gift for males. Designer jeans (16 percent), hybrid golf clubs (12 percent) and DVD/CD box sets (10 percent) were also selected as top picks by men, while loafers (1 percent), vests (2 percent) and trendy rock-inspired jewelry (6 percent) were least favored.

                          Top  Gifts for Men
                                        All Shoppers        Male
                                      ---------------- ---------------
Sports Tickets                                     22%             20%
Designer Jeans                                     18%             16%
Hybrid Golf Club                                   11%             12%
DVD/CD Box Sets                                    10%             10%
Corduroy/Velvet Blazer                              9%             11%
Caps                                                9%             10%
Rock-Inspired Jewelry                               5%              6%
Vests                                               3%              2%
Loafers                                             1%              1%
None of These/No Opinion                           13%             12%

What Women Want: Top Gifts

"With new releases of popular TV series and movies, DVD/CD box sets are topping women's wish lists this year, along with trendy layered necklaces and embellished sweaters," said Butcher. "Women also hope to find designer home accents or velvet/fitted jackets underneath the wrapping this season."

                         Top  Gifts for Women
                                          All Shoppers      Female
                                        ---------------- -------------
DVD/CD Boxed Sets                                    17%           16%
Layered Necklaces                                    15%           16%
Embellished Sweaters                                 14%           14%
Leopard Print Accessories/Shoes                      11%            9%
Designer Home Accents                                11%           11%
Velvet Blazer/Fitted Jacket                           8%           10%
Celebrity Fragrances                                  6%            7%
Boots                                                 4%            5%
Colorful Gloves                                       4%            4%
None of These/No Opinion                             11%            9%

Treat Yourself

The Shopping in America survey also revealed other interesting trends among holiday shoppers:

More than two fifths (44 percent) of shoppers admit they will buy something special for themselves this holiday season. Fifteen (15) percent are on the fence regarding holiday self-indulgence.
Approximately 46 percent have returned holiday gifts, with female consumers (50 percent) being more likely to return gifts than males (40 percent).
"Re-gifting?" Only 31 percent of shoppers admit to passing on a gift they had previously received. The practice is slightly more popular among women (33 percent) than men (27 percent).

Shopping in America is a national shopper intercept survey that studies consumer-shopping trends. The Holiday 2005 survey was conducted among 3,780 shoppers in 12 regional shopping centers geographically spread throughout the United States. Respondents ranged in age from 12 to 75+ years. Not all results are stated in this news release and some are rounded to the nearest whole number. Data totals are subject to a +/- 1.6 percent margin of error.

Additional Shopping in America results will be released in November and December. To view other Shopping in America findings -- including results on anticipated spending -- please visit

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