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Macerich Company Paints America Red, White and Blue to Honor Old Glory's Overlooked Holiday; Malls Nationwide Host Flag Day Celebrations, Discover Flag I.Q

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Macerich properties nationwide are hosting grand celebrations on June 14, but about one out of every three Americans doesn't know what is special about that date, according to a national survey conducted by the company.

"Old Glory-ology," a survey conducted by the Santa Monica, CA-based Macerich Company (NYSE: MAC), interviewed over 4,500 shoppers on summer trends and flag trivia, as part of its three month dedication to the Stars and Stripes and promoting patriotism called "An Old Glory-ous Celebration." Out of those surveyed, over 30% didn't know which day was Flag Day, a finding Macerich hopes to remedy with celebrations planned in its 47 malls across the country.

"This could well be the first time a national mall owner and operator has made a three month commitment to providing its shoppers with educational and entertaining programming on our heritage and flag," said Susan Valentine, vice president and director of marketing at Macerich. "On June 14th, each Macerich center will simultaneously have an Old Glory dedication, followed by special events and promotions for our shoppers. By the end of the summer, we believe we will have made a positive impact on the communities our malls serve."

The positive impact will begin early in the morning, as each center simultaneously holds a flag raising ceremony and flagpole dedication, with most centers receiving an official capitol flag from their senator in Washington, D.C. In the afternoon, each center will create their own community celebration to honor "Old Glory", with everything from old-fashioned bicycle parades and ice cream socials, to entertainers, special guests and presentations.

All Macerich centers will be decorated with an impressive display of the Stars and Stripes, and most will receive a Mayoral Proclamation to dedicate the event. South Town Center in Sandy, Utah is not only tributing the flag, but also "flag-ologists" by inviting world-renowned flag expert and collector Dr. Whitney Smith, who is the director of the Flag Research Center. In addition, most centers will hold an essay contest on "What the American Flag Means to Me," a local partnership with schools, churches and student organizations.

The "Old Glory-ology" survey discovered what the American flag meant to most Americans, as over half (54.48%) say they display their flag on Flag Day and the Fourth of July, although almost 20% don't know how many stripes it has. Even fewer knew who designed the original U.S. flag (only 15.69% knew it was Francis Hopkinson), although more knew that Robert G. Heft designed the present day flag (35.43%).

When it comes to dates, Americans are forgetful. Not only did a third not know when Flag Day was, but they also didn't know when the first flag act was signed (only 44.92% knew it was June 14, 1777). Nearly 25% of Americans didn't even know what century the Declaration of Independence was signed in, but most knew John Hancock left the largest signature (62.36%).

The "Old Glory-ology" survey was conducted in time for Memorial Day, the kick-off date for "An Old Glory-ous Celebration." Random samples of shoppers completed the survey in targeted Macerich properties by answering questions on the Max Trak system of hand held units, an electronic data gathering and analysis tool.

The Macerich Company, which has ownership interest in over 50 malls across the continental United States, is one of the nation's largest owner/operators of regional malls. Founded in 1965, Macerich is publicly traded on the NYSE under the symbol "MAC." For more information on Macerich, visit the Macerich web site at www.macerich.com. SOURCE Macerich Company

CONTACT: Betty Lovell of Lovell Public Relations, 972-788-4511, or pager, 214-910-5296, for Macerich Company; or Susan Valentine of Macerich Company, 310-394-6911/

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